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About The Practitioner


Sheila Childress LMT
National Board Certified

I Graduated from The Healing Arts Center in Saint Louis Missouri! I was Student of The Month in 2009.
I LOVE a saying from my grandpa John Wesley Dorris that stuck with me since I was a young girl. "Do All You Can While You Can".
I Love to help people feel better, I have been the Doctor of my family since a very young age, LOL my mom has always told me that when someone needed something that I would always try to help them feel better, I want the same thing now for my clients.

I also enjoy my family and friends, we play, games, cook and have dinner parties,watch movies and also sit around and enjoy one another's conversation. I enjoy going to train stores with my husband and finding nice grocery stores and gun stores in our spare time. my personal hobby is to paint pictures,  I paint them on canvas and old boards, I also paint murals on walls.

I enjoy taking walks with my mom and dad when they are feeling up to it, and riding my bike with my husband whenever we find the time, I like going shopping too. and racing my husband in our race cars. I enjoy having sleep overs at my house with my daughter and playing dress up with her and combing her hair. I love hugging my children and feeling their heart beats as I hold them tight.